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Usher’s Ex-wife Sues Him for $50 Million After One of Their Kids tested positive for herpes 


Atlanta, GA- R&B singer, Usher, is in headlines again for infecting another unlikely victim with herpes. Tameka Foster, the former wife of the “Let It Burn” singer, is seeking $50 million after Usher allegedly infected one of their sons with the herpes simplex virus.
According to Foster, she and all of her children were exposed to the virus while living with Usher in his suburban Atlanta home. She claims Usher was “reckless”, “unsanitary” and often “inattentive” when she and the children lived with him. She says though everyone was at risk, only one child tested positive for the incurable virus. “He would do things like scratch his

genitals then touch someone’s face or make food. Even during an outbreak, he just would not care. Looking back, I believe that Usher was in denial about his Herpes diagnoses” says Tameka Foster.
It is believed that virus was transmitted to the young boy from common contact, such as kissing. Although Herpes is generally a sexually transmitted disease, there’s been no evidence or reports that suggests sexual abuse.
Usher has been criticized before for neglecting his children’s well-being. In the summer of 2012, Usher’s step son, Kile Glover died after a tragic accident at Lake Lanier while in Usher’s care. The following summer in 2013, Usher’s eldest son with Tameka Foster experienced a near death experience at Usher’s home after almost drowning in a pool. After the drowning incident involving Usher’s son, Tameka Foster went to court to seek custody of the children, stating that Usher was “unresponsive to her”, “leaving the boys with an unfit supervisor” and “absentee father”. Usher claimed the allegations were false and said that he never kept the kids from her. Usher won and remained the custodial parent of the young boys.




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