Popcaan addresses critic who said Jah Vinchi was the only artiste left in Empire



    Dancehall artiste Popcaan is becoming outspoken these these days, so why not respond to a hater even if it’s six years later.

    After dissing Mr Vegas last week after he called Canadian Rapper Drake a fake, blasting LIAT airlines over the weekend for flight delays to the British Virgin Islands

    The ‘Unruly Boss’ is now addressing a critic whom belittled his career a few years ago.

    On Monday, The  ‘ Ova Dweet’  deejay uploaded a screenshot from YouTube with a comment from a user named ‘HannaTownDevil.

    ’“Seriously Now People What Is This? Who The F*** name Popcaan?,” Hanna said.

    While adding, “The only artiste left in Portmore Emipire is Jah Vinci…. Hear his words?….. Watch yuh frenz that yuh smoke with and run joke with.”

    Another user also seconded her comment saying, “Real thing you a talk @Hannatowndevil.”

    Popcaan however used the opportunity to share some inspiration to persons, telling them that they should always believe in themselves.

    This was 6 years ago now in 2016 what will that devil say?? Listen to me now my peeps nuh matter if you a popcaan fan or not me still affi sey this.. Nuh Matter what people tell you when you doing your thing jus believe in yourself and what you do#POPCAAN #UNRULYLIVES ??????#givethanks. [SIC]”

    Popcaan is currently one of the top acts in Dancehall, with many hits under his belt and a slew of international collaborations.

    The artiste through is ‘Unruly Ganga’ and catchy and frequent slangs is undoubtedly becoming the most influential dancehall artiste currently in the game.




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