Man jump off maypen bridge


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Mother of two shot dead by her boyfriend


Young Mother Shot Dead By The Father Of Her Children!

A young mother affectionately called Crissy, was shot and killed by the father of her child late last night. Per reports, Crissy was killed because she wanted out of the relationship. After an argument between her and the father of her children, she left for home. He showed up at her house a short time later, where the argument continued. Her brother walked in during the argument.

The boyfriend was instructed to leave. Thinking that he would have left, the brother exited the room into the yard. It’s was then that he heard the shots, ran back inside and watched in horror as Crissy’s lifeless body in a pool of blood; in front of her children. The police was summoned and the boyfriend took off running. Crissy was a twenty-six year old mother of two young children.


sources close to the friend are saying the boyfriend pass out when he realize he shot her

DJ Boom Boom Beaten For Saying Alkaline Has Better Songs Than Vybz Karte


DJ Boom Boom Beaten For Saying Alkaline Has Better Songs Than Vybz Kartel

Its as been reported that the very popular , dj boom boom was attack and beaten up after saying that Alkaline has better songs than Vybz Kartel, . the dj was taken to the local hospital and was released . check back for update on this story

Shebada Said He’s Dating A Popular Male Dancehall Artist! [MUST READ]


Shebada Said He’s Dating A Popular Male Dancehall Artist! [MUST READ]

Its alleged that controversial actor/comedian Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsay took to his official social media pages recently and made a shocking confession about dating a popular male dancehall Artist.

Shebada qouted on his twitter ”PPl UNO DID KNW SEH ME AND THE BLACK EYE BALL BWOY USE TO DATE?”.

Fans immediately started burning up his twitter account with comments, HERE are some of the comments:

DettaBaby: “You Too **cking Lie Stop Try Bring Dun The yute”

AckeemWildLife: ”Long Time We Know Alkaline A fish”

GazaThug: ”Memba Him Sing Bout Ba**y Wash Enu So We Nuh Shock”

MarleneK876: “Omg Wow What Is Dancehall Turning Into Smh”

BallaKid: ”Fishy Bwoy Alkaline Yuh Fi Dead”

This is the story being being published on a few entertainment websites, Jamaica TakeOut can not confirm or deny that this is true…


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Girl is Viciously Attacked & Set on FIRE by Angry Mob for Molesting a Young Boy


The young girl was allegedly involved in the molestation of a young boy. So based on those accusations she was assaulted and burned alive in the street by an angry mob.

164 students get scholarships under Rio Tinto Alcan legacy fund


KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) — Some 164 agriculture students have received scholarships valued at $9.4 million through the Rio Tinto Alcan Legacy Fund.
The scholarships were presented during a function held yesterday at the Jamaica 4-H Clubs Headquarters in Kingston.
Under the agreement between Rio Tinto and the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, the fund will give assistance to students pursuing agricultural studies at vocational, secondary and tertiary institutions in the parishes of St Ann, St Catherine and Manchester.
Some of the beneficiary schools for the 2016 cohort include: York Castle, Brown’s Town, Jonathan Grant, Guy’s Hill and Bog Walk High Schools and the College of Agriculture, Science and Education.
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The scholarship covers tuition, transportation, books and lunch costs.
In his remarks, Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Karl Samuda, said he was pleased that the scholarships were provided to students at both the secondary and tertiary level.
“This significantly supports our own efforts, through our Youth in Agriculture Programme to attract and engage young people in making a career in the agriculture and agro-industry sectors,” he said.
The minister’s speech was read by Director General in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Don McGlashan.
For his part, Executive Director of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Dr Ronald Blake expressed his appreciation for the initiative and its $33.5 million investment in agricultural education over a six-year period.

Pointing to the recent reports of a 2.3 percent growth in the Jamaican economy for the July to September quarter, Dr Blake noted that there is a correlation between growth in the agricultural sector and growth in the economy.
“There is no other sector that has the capacity and the sustainability of growing the Jamaican economy than the agricultural sector… It is against that background that I want to say how grateful we are to Rio Tinto for this great contribution to the economic development of Jamaica,” he said.
Representatives from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, the Rio Tinto Steering Committee and the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) Limited attended the ceremony.
Rio Tinto was acquired by Alcan in 2007. Alcan’s operations in Jamaican spanned over 50 years, having begun in 1952, as the country’s first mining company.
The scholarship programme started in 2010 and is funded by Rio Tinto Alcan Inc. (formerly Alcan) through investments in Jamaica under the management of the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ).
The scholarship programme, was established in recognition of the long-standing relationship between the organisation and the Government of Jamaica.

Married female teacher S3XTAPE with student leaked online!


Married female teacher S3XTAPE with student leaked online!

A married female teacher in Nkayi filmed herself sleeping with her teenage lover.

The clip leaked and has reportedly gone viral on social media platforms.
The female teacher was identified as Monica Mwase aged 40 and a well known member of the Roman Catholic Church.

Her husband is based in South Africa, reports indicate.

The sextape leaked after Monica’s lover was angered after she reneged on her pledge to finance his university studies next year.

Teachers in Nkayi said no action has been taken on Monica as it is a private issue.

Said a Nkayi villager “People in the area are just shocked about the s3xtape of a well known teacher”.

Her churchmate, Belinda Moyo said she feel so embarrassed as villagers might think that all Roman Catholic women in Lupane are promiscuous.


Taxi Driver Brutally Murdered In Mandeville!


Taxi Driver Brutally Murdered In Mandeville!

Residents in Albion district are in shock following the murder of a taxi operator yesterday.
Thirty-three-year-old Mark Evans was found slumped in his car with multiple stab wounds and what appeared to be a gun shot wound.

Evans, plied the Knockpatrick to Mandeville route.

There has been an outpouring of condolences on Facebook by ‎students of the Northern Caribbean University and outrage at the spate of crimes in Manchester.

“He was one of, if not the most conscious yute in and around Mandeville/Knockpatrick and I had nuff respect for him,” one person posted‎.

Evans was also hailed for his kindness, ensuring that students got to school even if they had no fares and making sure they got into their houses safely after dropping them off at nights.

The police say no motive has been ascertained for the killing.


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Young girl burned saving her mom

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